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Took us a bit longer than we would of liked, and a good bit longer to update it at all, but the AP grind is just too much fun to waste time on things like updates.

See you in Antorus.

Great end to a great tier. Very well designed raid with some unique bosses and a very satisfying end boss. God bless.

Nåz took yall long enough
eviljoe How fuckin wasted were you when you picked this screenshot ...
Beaz a What a sick screenshot

Haven't had an update in a bit, and with Augur being the first real boss in Nighthold it seemed worthy of the honor. Elisande is on deck.

Mythic Star Augur Etraeus

Mythic ToV Clear

Zaxbys a posted Dec 23, 16

What an exciting and balanced raiding experience to lead us into the holidays. Nighthold inc.

khab The kill was really on personal loot? GG Brent.
khab Gratz Nerds, killing boss just before the holiday, GG.
Nåz https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_BcbeT8fUzA vid of helya

Despite all odds and Arrows tanking the tier is done. Trial is on deck.

Mythic Xavius

Mythic Cenarius

Mythic Il'gynoth


Mythic Dragons of Nightmare


Mythic Ursoc


Mythic Elerethe


Mythic Nythendra