Archimonde + Manno (With Mount) - 1.75 million

Archimonde + Manno (No Mount) - 750k

Per Boss:

Archimonde (With Mount) - 1.6 million

Archimonde (No mount) - 600k

Blackhand Mount - 300k

Mannoroth - 200k

You will receive ALL loot for a main spec of your choosing, regardless of item quality or sockets.

You will also receive the majority of loot for any offspecs with the only exception being if it is an upgrade for a member (not likely).

Raid Schedule:

We typically do our runs on Tuesdays at 8:30PM EST.

Occasionally exceptions will be made, but given the difficulty of having people rearrange schedules we will likely prioritize buyers than can make these times.

Additional Details:

Zero boss knowledge is required, and we will often have you die in a corner early in the fight to avoid any confusion.

Questions / Contact

If you're interested in buying a carry or have a question. Please send Stafford a tell in game or you can PM Zaxbys on the forums by clicking HERE

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